Huber Heights Police

Huber Heights Police

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Huber Heights Police division needed to increase their storage capacity within the amount of space available in their property room. Existing shelving used for evidence required updating to provide adequate storage, flexibility and increased efficiency. RDT Concepts designed solutions based on several factors, including changes in procedures utilized for receiving, processing and storing evidence.

The installation of a high density movable system provided an increased storage capacity of over 75%. The ability to lock the entire system provided mandatory security.

The newly installed shelving was dimensionally larger than that of the previous system, providing the capability to house diverse types of evidence, vastly improving the efficiency in this storage area.

The installation of a pass-thru evidence locker enabled evidence to be handled and processed without interrupting the internal procedures of the evidence room.

Evidence lockers features include:

  • 16 gauge steel construction
  • Available in 36 standard configurations
  • Refrigeration options
  • Keyed and keyless entry lock options
  • Pass-thru and non-pass-thru options

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