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Customized storage with an emphasis on preservation

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RDT Concepts provides products and services to help curators and collection managers house rare books, art panels, clothing and textiles, maps, drawings, photography, negatives, music sheets, wet collections, tank storage, and heavy duty storage requirements. For many, off-site storage is not an option, therefore, space continues to challenge as museums grow collections, shrink or enlarge their facilities or take on new educational endeavors.

RDT Concepts has a unique perspective of looking at projects from a storage and space planning vantage. Our design team has worked with many museums while they are in the planning phase of designing new collections storage space. We take pride in our ability to work with the curators and registrars to study the collections and gain knowledge of what they have collected and explore various types of museum style cabinet and storage options best suited for their needs. As with other aspects of our business, RDT Concepts partners with architects to ensure that the drawings reflect the necessary building requirements i.e. physical space for the uniquely designed storage products we recommend.

RDT Concepts fosters a collaborative effort between the curator or manager, architect and our museum division. We provide detailed drawings and proposals that can be included in your submissions for grants, sent to donors, or put through the general fund committee to secure the necessary investment needed to implement the plan.

  • Art collections
  • Rare book collections
  • Oversized rare items
  • Anthropology collections
  • Maps, drawings, blueprints
  • Specimen collections rooms
  • Herbarium collections
  • Entomology collections
  • Geological collections
  • Textile collections
  • Botany collections
  • General artifact storage
  • Retail
  • Continuing education
Museums & Archival Storage
High Density Storage

High density shelving will increase your museum’s collection storage capacity by 50%. Several of our clients have utilized this type of storage to avoid the need to construct an additional storage area in their museum. The shelving will store everything including framed artwork, books, large sculptures, textiles, specimens, and even boxes or bulk items. Also important features like protection from excessive temperature, humidity, light, fire, water, gases, and pests are available to minimize possible damage to stored collections.

Paintings & Art Racks

RDT Concepts offers solutions for different environments and framed artwork. We have floor mounted pull-out screens, overhead suspended pull-out screens, a modular lateral art storage and finally wall mounted art panels. Our art panels are powder coated in a non-off-gassing finish protecting your collection from contamination.

Garment Storage

A leading offender of wasted storage space is usually storing your clothing, costumes and uniform collections. Garment storage racks are made to protect the contents while maximizing the ability to store efficiently within various types of storage methods. Options can include such things as flat or tilted shelves, wire shelves, roll bars, and roll-out drawers ensure you can keep your collection properly preserved.

Large or Bulk Item Storage

Large items like sculptures, weapons, maps, paintings and boxes are especially difficult to store. We commonly see these pieces stacked each other or on the floor or leaned up against a wall which leaves them vulnerable to damage, moisture, and being misplaced. Our large bulk storage racks and wide span shelving will easily house these items and do it in less space than your old methods.

Museum Cabinets

While your collection is growing and evolving there is some uncertainty about what style of museum cabinets to utilize. The cabinets come in numerous widths, depths, and heights to meet your exact collection storage needs. The cabinets protect your collection from exposure to light and dust, harmful insects and rodents, or moisture and water.

Entomology Storage Cabinets

Entomology storage cabinets are available in different materials and have several accessories that will offer maximum storage, security, and will preserve your museum’s stored insect specimens. The cabinets securely seal to protect and preserve your collection.

Herbarium Cabinets

RDT Concepts offers herbarium and botany storage cabinets that will preserve your stored plant specimen collections. Our cabinets securely seal to protect and preserve specimens from light, insects, rodents, dust, and water. They have a unique handle that “won’t break your wrist” and a revolutionary hinge system to offer the security that you are looking for.

Detailed Surveys

determine your needs

RDT Concepts will conduct a detailed survey to understand what you are storing and how your company interacts with various media types.

Upon survey completion, we will provide a detailed scope of the project, drawings and investment information.

To keep your business running smoothly, our installation and service team

  • Offers complete installation services
  • Provides maintenance and service on products purchased through RDT or on currently installed products
  • Handles warranty and service calls
  • Provides preventative maintenance



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